ADAM Benchmarking Survey

ADAM’s strong network enables each of us to tap into the best practices and learn from leaders and compare our metrics with our peers in dermatology practice management. That’s why we’re excited to announce our Trends in Dermatology Groups annual survey and report for 2023/24 is back! 

What is the ADAM annual survey and report?

The ADAM Trends in Dermatology Groups Benchmarking survey and report provides unique and specific insight needed by dermatology practice administrators and leaders in healthcare to better understand their practice management benchmarks against industry peers in several categories, including AR, Charge Production, Mohs, Medical Staffing, Front Desk Staffing, and Billing. Data is gathered through a convenient survey that is supplied by members. The data is private, secure, and independently verified by a third-party audit firm, EisnerAmper. The report further filters and compares the benchmarks to similar sized practices and regions, and shows the data in easy-to-read chart, tables, and graphs.

Why should I take the survey? What benefit is it to me?

Participating in the survey and contributing your anonymous data creates a timely and relevant sample of key indicators across the entire ADAM membership. Nowhere else has this kind of insight and comparable data set of dermatology practices. Best of all for ADAM members, when you participate you can access the comprehensive report as no-cost!

We believe everyone at ADAM benefits through this annual survey because that’s how we, together, understand the practice management trends specific to our industry, elevate our practice management to enhance the patient outcomes today, drive profit and efficiency, and meet the staffing/talent challenges of tomorrow.

What is the cost for the annual report?

By providing your practice data and responding to the questionnaires, you receive no-cost access to the comprehensive report. ADAM members may purchase the full report for $495 if they choose not to submit their data and complete the series of surveys.

 How does it work?

Each survey can be conveniently taken online, using either a desktop or mobile device web browser. Each survey can be accessed by a unique web link (URL) so that either a single person, or several people inside an organization, can provide data without risk or privacy of that data being shared or viewed either internally or externally.

When does the survey take place? How long does it take to complete each survey?

Each survey contributes to the overall comprehensive report and are designed to take less than 30 minutes each to complete. Here is the schedule of when each survey will be promoted, and an overview of information needed to help you determine who is best to take the survey. We recommend you designate the best person in your organization to take each section of the survey – and if they schedule time in advance, it will be quick and easy!

The 2022 Benchmarking Survey is now closed. 


Survey Description 


Mini-survey 1:




Mini-survey 2:



Mini-survey 3:

Clinical Staffing


Mini-survey 4:

Staffing – Management/Front Desk/Billing


Mini-survey 5:

Provider Production – Medical/Cosmetic 


Mini-survey 6:




When can we view the results?

Survey results, analysis and discussion will be presented at the 2024 ADAM Conference in San Diego in February. The comprehensive report (PDF) will shortly thereafter be sent to ADAM members that either participated in the survey or have purchased it.

Who will analyze the results and how will I know my data is private?

We have partnered with EisnerAmper to collect and analyze the data provided to create the final report and presentation. EisnerAmper is an independent healthcare advisory, outsourcing, tax, and audit firm that will not share, disclose, or use the data for any other purpose. User-entered data will not link the name, email address, or entity name of the user. Your email address and demographic information is asked for only to validate the data, filter by size/region, and ensure multiple users cannot skew the data or enter data more than once. 

EisnerAmper’s survey is powered by Qualtrics, an industry-leading survey and research tool that combines an online and intuitive user experience with backend data security.  

If I have further questions, who should I contact?
Please direct questions to [email protected]


A final word:
ADAM’s strong network enables each of us to tap into the best practices and learn from leaders in dermatology practice management. This annual survey and the work that goes into it is an incredible value for members. We have created a survey that is quick, easy, and built with data privacy, security, and independence in mind. I appreciate everyone who will commit to taking the survey and contribute. This is how we, as an organization, can best provide education, networking, and intelligence for our members.