ADAM Committees


Annual Meeting Committee

The Annual Meeting Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of the Annual Meeting. This includes, but is not limited to, determining the program design, educational sessions, networking opportunities and social events. The Committee creates learning objectives and identifies speakers.

Co-Chairs:  Sarah Nielson and Jessica Pape

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee recognizes individuals for their contributions to the Association and profession. It is responsible for selecting the annual Practice Manager of the Year recipient and creating a new Lifetime Achievement Award.

Chair:  Janice Smith

Benchmarking Committee

The Benchmarking Committee is responsible for the Annual Financial Benchmarking Survey. This includes determining the scope of the survey; developing and refining the survey instrument; implementing the survey; developing the final results report; and presenting the findings to the Board of Directors.

Chair: Tony Davis
Co-Chair: George Smaistrla, FHFMA, CMPE, CPC

Billing and Coding Committee

The Billing and Coding Committee is charged with exploring the possibility of developing a billing/coding educational vehicle. This could include but is not limited to a webinar series that will focus on specific educational areas such as compliance.

Chair:  Michele Blum

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee provides guidance for ADAM communications vehicles. It is responsible for developing story ideas and writing articles for Executive Decisions in Dermatology, ADAM’s bi-monthly newsletter, and assisting with the development of website, public relations and social media content.

Chair:  Wendy Stoehr

Education Committee

The Education Committee obtains data on member needs and emerging trends to create multimedia educational programs and products, including but not limited to, webinars, regional meetings and online educational resources. Responsibilities include identifying appropriate formats; creating learning objectives; selecting faculty; assisting with the development of marketing messages that communicate value and grow attendance; and evaluating attendee satisfaction. The Committee also ensures ADAM’s library of resource tools and forms are relevant, up-to-date and available to the membership.

Chair:  Heather Beard

Leadership College Committee

The Leadership College Committee identifies ways to foster members' leadership skills and create future organizational leaders. The Committee is responsible for creating mentorship opportunities and evaluating the feasibility of offering a Leadership Academy.

Chair:  Nichole Holoman

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for growing ADAM’s membership and engaging its current members. The Committee develops strategies and tools for recruitment and retention; increasing the organization’s understanding of the needs and opinions of its membership; and overseeing and expanding ADAM’s affinity programs, such as ADAM-Edge. It oversees the development and implementation of a bi-annual Member Needs and Opinions Survey and reports the findings to the Board of Directors.

Chair:  Elizabeth Edwards 

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