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Free Webinar:  Evaluating Transaction Considerations (March 2019)

AJ Shekar, Vice President, and Steven Grassa, Analyst, of Provident Healthcare Partners lead this webinar geared towards shareholders and executives of dermatology practices interested in learning more about what partnership options they may have in today’s fast moving market. In addition to assessing the various transaction considerations available to shareholders, they will address the benefits and risks of pursuing partnerships.

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Free Webinar: How to Maximize the Impact of Life Science Reps & Resources at Your Practice (April 2019)

Unannounced and poorly timed visits from life science reps can disrupt a practice's already packed schedule. Coordinating the logistics of these visits causes distraction and steals valuable time from staff, ultimately impacting the quality of patient care and experience.

Join James A. Dwyer, Co-founder and Vice President of Practice Acquisition for RxVantage for this informative recorded webinar.

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The 10 Hottest Compliance Topics You Should be Looking at in Your Practice and How They Affect Your Operation (2019) 

Regulatory compliance in healthcare is complex and ever-changing. Constant vigilance is necessary to prevent serious vulnerabilities that will lead to costly penalties and fines. Join this webinar to find out the top 10 compliance topics that you need to consider to assure adherence to requirements and government standards! 

Compliance doesn't need to be a burden - Eric Christensen, Director of Client Services, Healthcare Compliance Pros, will show you how to correctly implement and adhere to standards that will benefit your practice.

Preparing for 2019 and Beyond: Revenue Cycle Regulatory Legislation on the Horizon (2019)

This webinar will outline and discuss pending regulatory framework changes on the horizon that could negatively affect revenue cycle management and the tools and strategies providers need to proactively manage these changes and abandon the status quo.

Rajesh Voddiraju, Founder and CEO of Health iPASS, leads this informative recorded webinar! 

HIPAA for Patients (2018)

As healthcare providers who deal with PHI on a daily basis and have to address compliance concerns regularly, we understand the ins and outs of HIPAA compliance. But our patients have a very limited understanding of how HIPAA affects them, their health care treatment and other patients in the practice. Recently, more breaches have been reported due to patient actions while in the office and not providers such as cell phone use, social media posts, etc.

In this webinar, Eric Christensen, Director of Client Services at Healthcare Compliance Pros, identifies areas in which to help patients understand HIPAA and outlines ways to help practices become more compliant through patient understanding of HIPAA.

Surviving a MIPS Audit (2018)

This webinar covers proactive steps you can take to prepare your practice in the event you’re selected for an audit. The following was discussed:  penalty breakdown, hardship exemptions and appeals process should you fail.  This webinar was presented by Courtney Tesvich, Vice President, Regulatory, for Nextech.

Creating a Motivational Workplace (2018)

This webinar, presented by Myia Ritchie, SHRM-SCP, PHR, Senior Human Resources Consultant, Tandem HR, is for managers to help guide, encourage, challenge, and engage their employees.  Myia discussed some common strategies managers can use in order to motivate their employees by igniting the employee’s inner fire and creating a motivating culture.

Get Social: How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Practice (2018) 

Social media can be overwhelming, and you may not even be sure where to begin when creating a strategy for your practice. What platforms should I focus on? How do I know it’s making a difference? This webinar will provide you with easy to apply tactics for leveraging the right content and understanding how to measure success.  Join Julie Strong, Social Media and Content Manager at Colorescience, for this engaging webinar! 

Stress Management 101 (2018)

Stress is a mental state resulting from demanding circumstances that shows itself both emotionally and physically. In this session, you will learn how to keep a positive attitude, understand the physical impact of stress, recognize the importance of refreshing yourself daily and continually find creative ways to plan and manage the inevitable stress we experience every day. Objectives of this seminar are:  redefine stress; understand the role of perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs; and learn effective strategies to combat stress.  Presented by:  Paul Avram, MA, LCPC, Senior Account Manager for Workplace Solutions. 

2018 Reimbursement Update for Dermatology

Review the major policy, coding, and fee schedule changes that occurred in 2018 related to dermatology coding with particular emphasis on the new photodynamic therapy codes. Additional topics addressed are the 2018 Medicare deductibles, new Medicare cards, proper date of service reporting for pathology services, MIPS/MACRA, ABN form changes, use of patient relationship modifiers, proper NDC reporting and future E&M changes.

Creative Conflict Resolution (2018)

Learning to embrace and manage conflict effectively is a critical skill for professional success. While many of us prefer to avoid conflict, it takes trust and spirited discussion to resolve issues, inspire creativity and make the best possible business decisions. By creating a shared commitment to the best solution, you will learn practical skills to resolve conflict in ways that strengthen relationships and solve complex business problems.

2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What Physicians and Practice Administrators Need to Know (2018)

At the end of 2017, Congress enacted sweeping tax reform that has widespread effects on medical practice owners and administrators, as well as individual physicians. This is the largest change to the Tax Code in years, with many changes taking effect January 1, 2018. OJM Principal Carole Foos, CPA provides an overview of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and discusses key provisions affecting individual and corporate taxpayers. Get advice to consider when planning for 2018 and beyond.

Preventing and Addressing Sexual Harassment: What Every Employer Needs to Know (2018)

Workplace harassment affects not only the satisfaction and productivity levels of employees but can also have serious legal and business ramifications for your practice. This session reviews the definition of unlawful sexual harassment, relevant workplace laws regarding sexual harassment, anti-harassment policies and prevention, investigation of complaints and remedial measures. 

Standing Out in the Crowd, Creating the Ultimate Patient Experience (2018)

What makes your practice unique? How do you stand out from the competition? What does it take to create a unique patient experience at every touch point? This webinar will help you develop a patient experience plan designed for retention and referrals by providing you with key tactics to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Telephone Systems, Call Centers, Multi-site Locations & How to Provide Great Customer Service (2018)

The right telephone system can streamline operations, help get work done and improve customer service. Learn the latest in phone center technology, when it is time to update, types of systems and options available and techniques to improve customer service.

Engaging Millennials (2018)

Learn how to actively involve millennials' in professional development and establish the right opportunities while being inclusive of other generations. Today’s young professionals want to get ahead quickly. They have grown up having access to people that they would never have had access to before through social media. Because of that, they believe they should have access to the top people in your organization. The best way to approach this mindset is to actively involve them.

Dermatology Coding and Reimbursement Changes

This webinar, presented by The Pinnacle Health Group, is designed to provide the information you need to be prepared for policy and coding changes taking effect January 1, 2018. The one-hour program offers an overview of CPT and HCPCS coding changes, updated fee schedule amounts and CMS coding guidelines effective in the New Year including the new PDT changes. 

The Successful Administrator (2017)

This webinar, presented by ADAM Member June McKernan Chief Operating Officer of Patient Preferred Dermatology Medical Group, Inc., of Los Alamitos, California, covers information on successful practice management. Healthcare today continues to evolve and we as Administrators need to have the tools required to keep pace.  This webinar has been designed to assist Administrators to run their practices with strategies for success.  With these simple tools, you will find that you will be able to manage your practice with ease. 

Buying and Selling a Practice

This webinar covers information on buying and selling a practice. Topics such as:  Abbreviated Dermatology Industry Overview; Why are Investors Drawn to Dermatology? The State of Private Equity-Backed Platforms in the U.S.; What Investors Look for in a Dermatology Practice; and How Transactions are Being Structured.

MACRA: Part 2

On October 14, 2016, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued its final rule with comment period implementing the Quality Payment Program that is part of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA). This new Medicare physician payment system will be more complicated and challenging than any previous system. The final rule is effective January 1, 2017, affecting payments in January 2019. This webinar is designed to outline all the major changes to date and some key issues requiring physicians and administrators to consider how they will prepare.

Stop Losing Patients!

Stop Losing Patience! The typical practice has 1000s of lost patients despite its best efforts. Join us for an educational 30-minute webinar about the main reasons patients are going missing and the steps any practice can take to improve its patient retention processes. Whether you think what you are doing is world class, or dead last, the information in this presentation has the power to improve patient health, get doctors and mid-level providers busier, dramatically improve practice finances, cut down on the hassle you are feeling from government and insurers, and make you look good at your next board meeting. These fundamental techniques have helped hundreds of practices bring back literally millions of patients.

Choosing the Best Website Provider

MetaMed will review the most valuable attributes in SEO and Conversion from previous webinars while using this foundation to help practices ask tough questions of potential website vendors. In this webinar, ADAM professionals will be able to quickly and confidently focus in from over 10,000 website providers to a mall handful of professional website vendors to deliver the highest possible ROI in online marketing.

I've Got Your Back! How to Support Your Front Desk and Maximize Collections!

Receptionists are your frontline staff members that have a huge impact on your patient and workflows...and patient satisfaction. Some examples? Scheduling can be an art, having patience with patients, and collecting from patients with high deductible policies. Dealing with requests from twenty different directions at once can also be very challenging at times. And then there are the PHONES...

Winning Website Design & Conversion Tactics

MetaMed will build upon their initial SEO & PPC webinar by demonstrating how numerous website characteristics can substantially influence website performance to move potential patients through the site to patient inquiry and ultimately into the practice office for consults and services.

SEO & PPC: Stop Worrying and Start Prospering

Join ADAM and Brent Cavender of MetaMed Marketing as we present SEO & PPC: Stop Worrying and Start Prospering. This will be part one of a three-part webinar series on online marketing.

Navigating Healthcare Revenue Challenges Successfully

This webinar focuses on healthcare trends that impact providers and patients alike in addition to solutions and best practices that can enable providers to thrive amidst these changes.

2016 MACRA Webinar: Part 1

Under a new law (MACRA) passed last year, CMS is developing a new Medicare physician payment system that will be more complicated and challenging than any previous system. Although the new system won't be effective until January 2019, physicians need to be preparing now. The webinar is designed to outline all the major changes to date and some key issues requiring physicians to consider how they will prepare.

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls: How to Bring Pathology Back to Your Dermatology Practice

Attorney/consultant Daniel M. Bernick, J.D., M.B.A. of The Health Care Group and Health Care Law Associates (www.healthcaregroup.com) talks about the different ways of “in-sourcing” pathology back into your practice without violating the many legal rules that apply.

Feedback for Dermatology Practice Managers: How to Be Heard, Help Others and Ignite Change

Do you dread feedback conversations and wish you had more comfort, confidence, and clarity on how to go about them?  Do you have employees who get defensive, overly emotional, or make excuses when hearing feedback?  Do you want to learn how to give clear feedback to others that is heard, respected, and inspires change?  If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this webinar on "Feedback for Dermatology Practice Managers: How to Be Heard, Help Others, Ignite Change" by Joe Mull of Ally Training is for you!

Leadership is a Choice

This presentation is based on work performed by Charlie Sheppard, nationally renowned for his management strategies. In the workplace, and in life, drama occurs all too often. According to Sheppard, drama creates a cycle of negative behavior that moves one away from being a leader. Being a leader is a CHOICE. We are not born leaders, it is a skill and we must work on it.

The Next Big Health IT

This webinar covered: • Meaningful Use is the Norm: ICD-10 is finally implemented and PQRS has grown teeth. What does the newly proposed Health IT hold in store for provider practices? • How will the new initiatives blend with those of the Affordable Care Act? • What does Patient Centered Medical Home use mean for providers? • Are we ready for Meaningful Use Stage 3?

ICD-10 Finally Arrived: Assessing Your Organization's Transition

On Wednesday, October 28th, Randi Upham of Fluid Edge Consulting presented "ICD-10 Finally Arrived: Assessing Your Organization's Transition". Some of the questions this webinar covered (but was not limited to): October 1st came and ICD-10 became a reality. What do the changes mean for your revenue, your practice's productivity and your clinical documentation? What metrics should be in place to measure the efficacy of your transition to ICD-10? Is your organization ready for the new CMS audits and protocols? What resources are available to help your organization take advantage of the actual benefits of ICD-10?

Insurance Adjustments: Does Your Cash Flow Have Hidden Leaks?

How do you know when your practice is losing too much revenue to insurance adjustments?

The sad truth is that our firm never has completed an assessment of a medical practice where the management team know if their insurance adjustments were too high or too low or even what level of adjustments are to be expected. Without this knowledge, your practice is flying blind when it comes to collecting appropriate revenue and protecting itself from embezzlement. Attend this one-hour webinar to learn the mathematical formulas we use to calculate insurance adjustments for your practice. Using data you already have, you can determine whether your practice is giving up revenue it has rightfully earned and what level of insurance adjustments are appropriate for your practice. You will also learn the steps you need to take to stop this revenue leak. The content covered in this webinar is intended for the experienced practice manager, administrator, billing manager or managed care specialist.

Behind the Scenes of an Audit Process: How to Prepare and Respond

With more than a dozen entities waiting to audit your practice at any given time, it is crucial you understand the common theme used in each of their audit processes. Your key to successful compliance is to understand the similarities and differences across audit processes such as RAC, OIG, ZPIC, MIC or MAC. In this one-hour session, Sean Weiss walks you through steps every practice needs to know should they become the target of any audit. You will gain an in-depth view of what happens behind the scenes of an audit, including notification, review and determination. You will also learn participation and response strategies that can help avoid a number of common mistakes and mitigate potential damages.